Save Animals and Farmers in South Africa

SAFISA’s main aim is to provide free farm protection to farmers within South Africa and to work against the illigal poaching industry.

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SAFISA have over 200 security contractors ready to protect farmers and animals in South Africa. More than 1000 can be deployed in few months if we get the support we need.

The aim of this program is to protect farmers, livestock and wildlife against the criminal activities taking place on a daily basis.

We can not grow this organisation or save lives without fundings and donations to cover the cost related to this work, your donation matters!

More donations means more boots on the ground. 


Please donate if you can afford it, donations save lives.

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Save Animals & Farmers

Free Farm Protection & Anti Poaching

SAFISA pays for preventative security measures and protection so the farmers and wildlife can live in peace in South Africa.
Farm Attacks South Africa

Facts About Farm Attacks In South Africa

Woman, children, farmers, pets and livestock are being tortured and killed in the most brutal and horrific ways you can imagine.
De Horned Rhino South Africa

Facts About The Poaching Industry In South Africa

The rare and endangered animals of South Africa are being slaughtered and killed on a daily basis by ruthless poachers.


SAFISA – Save Animals & Farmers in South Africa. SAFISA was legally approved as a NON-PROFIT organization in Norway 31.12.2020.

We work together with professional security operators and private security companies. Our common goal is to protect farmers, livestock and wildlife in South Africa. The money raised by SAFISA will be used to cover our partners costs and expenses; this will provide the extended protection to the farmers and wildlife that is not normally available to them.

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“Nobody can do everything, but everbody can do something.”


Our Top Priorities

Farm Attacks, Protection, Self-Defence, Anti Poaching

Farm Protection

Professional protection from highly trained security operators is expensive, generally this is only possible for the wealthier society. We believe it is vitally important to provide free protection to the farmers that provide food for the nation. Everyone should be safe in their own home when they sleep at night!


Protecting livestock and animals on the farm for us is as important as protecting the farmers. Not only as the farmers livelihoods depend on it, but because we believe the animals deserve the equivalent protection. Together we can make a difference.


Creating less risk for the endangered species. SAFISA protects the Wildlife and endangered animals in South Africa. We also co-operate with organizations who provide care for animals that is injured or confiscated by the Goverment.

EXTENDED Self-defence training

Being able to confidently protect yourself, your family, loved ones and property is vitally important. We believe everybody should have the knowledge and basics to do so. Only a small amount of training can give you the confidence you may need, should you find your own safety in question. SAFISA provides this knowledge to the farmers or communties in need.

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Work With Us

In order for our mission to succeed, we are constantly looking for individuals that possess certain knowledge and skills.

Together We Can Make Bigger Waves

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Together We Can Make Bigger Waves

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SAFISA Ambassadors Saving Lives

SAFISA is founded on the belief that a large group of individuals working towards a common goal can achieve significant results. In a structured and organized manner SAFISA is continually looking to recruit ambassadors and volunteers, the more ambassadors we have the more significant the results. Anyone who would like to support our cause can become an ambassador.

Together we work in a progressive, structured and effective way to change the horrible situation in South Africa. Together we can make bigger waves!


With our unique combination of business, online marketing and security experience, we have the knowledge and the knowhow to build a game changing non-profit organization. We want it to have a huge positive impact on farmers lives and the wildlife in South Africa.

Lives will be saved, not one, but many!

- SAFISA founder

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