Farmers continue to be brutalised, assaulted, shot, stabbed and hacked to death across South Africa. Another ten farmers were brutally murdered during the month of December 2020.

Thirty three farm attacks took place and only two of these were successfully averted. In total seventy six farmers have lost their lives during 434 attacks in 2020. Clearly these are racially motivated hate crimes as in most cases not very much was robbed or stolen. Whites across the country are being targeted and its not only on farms. People, especially the elderly, are being brutally murdered in their homes across South Africa.

South African Police

Black leaders who regularly call for the killing of farmers need to be made accountable and the mainstream media needs to start publishing the truth of what the reality in South Africa actually is and stop fuelling the communist racial hatred agenda of their partners, the ANC government.

During November 2020 there were also thirty three farm attacks and ten farm murders whilst three farm attacks were successfully averted. During October 2020 there were 42 farm attacks and 7 farm murders in South Africa, whilst 5 farm attacks were successfully averted.

The onslaught against the white minority, especially farmers, continues unabated with no action from government.

Farm attacks and farm murders 2020:

December 2020: 33 farm attacks, 10 farm murders.

November 2020: 33 farm attacks, 10 farm murders.

October 2020: 42 farm attacks, 7 farm murders.

September 2020: 48 farm attacks, 5 farm murders.

August 2020: 52 farm attacks, 9 farm murders.

July 2020: 55 farm attacks, 9 farm murders.

June 2020: 56 farm attacks, 7 farm murders.

May 2020: 15 farm attacks, 4 farm murders.

April 2020:  17 farm attacks, 1 farm murder.

March 2020: 35 farm attacks, 6 farm murders.

February 2020: 31 farm attacks, 8 farm murders.

January 2020: 17 farm attacks.


This article was first publiched by SouthAfricaToday.net

Information supplied by The Rome Research Institute of South Africa


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