A farmer has three times more chance of being murdered than an average citizen and more than double the chance of being murdered than a South African police officer.

The reality is that the facts have to be faced. The events taking place are devastating, the boere or Afrikaans communities are being largely oppressed. The average murder rate is rising every year, this means these statistics will only increase. To make matters worse, their pets and livestock are being tortured and killed as well. The media is being censored and political parties are denying these atrocities are even happening. Making it even more difficult to help the people and animals who are in danger. SAFISA wants to bring out the truth and make a drastic change, in short put a stop to these horrific crimes. SAFISA wants safety for the South African farmers and animals, after all we need to remember they are part of a much larger circle. These farmers protect and feed their livestock and have hundreds of hectares of land they need to keep fertile. Each farmer makes an average contribution to feeding over 2000 mouths which has a big effect on the South African economy with an average of 2 million Rand / 100.000 Euro / 120.000 Dollars, put in simple terms that’s 2000 mouths that will need to find food elsewhere every time a farm is attacked and the farmers killed. They also employ many people who earn money in a fair way and provides some stability and security in their lives.so as you are starting to see, It has a massive effect on the community when killing such a person, especially in the South Africa environment.

This documentary will give you a good insight on the terrible farm attacks taking place in South Africa almost on daily basis

South African movements who repeatedly call for the murder of farmers should be held accountable; the mainstream media should start publishing the truth, what the reality in South Africa is and stop fuelling the communist racial hatred agenda of their partners.
Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

Talking about the so-called circle in which they find themselves, a chain of events arises due to the daily attacks and murders in South Africa. This chain reaction starts with the land they kept fertile for crops and animals. This area will soon die out as there is no farmer left to plant and grow crops. now without a farmer and no crops the farm is at a standstill, so in a very short time there are 2000+ hungry mouths per killed farmer that cannot be fed. It creates a shortage in the food industry. The workers of these farms become unemployed, which of course puts them and their families in troubling position. All too Often these individuals have no choice but to make money in an illegal way, which only aggravates the situation and increases crime rates and the circle is complete. With these acts of cowardice, no one gets “richer” but only worsens a bad situation. It destroys many human and animal lives, families and communities, but also the national and international economy of South Africa. This so-called chain reaction is a fact and the driving force behind SAFISA knowing that a change must be made in the current situation in South Africa.

Revival Of Another Countries History

Looking back at the history and events of other countries like Venezuela or Zimbabwe the same disrespect was shown to the landowners, in this case the farmers of their rightful property, if these farmers are killed and the criminals then abandon the land in which they have taken the consequences are enormous. Areas become sterile, livestock dies, food shortage increases, unemployment rate rises, the economy fails, poverty rises causing crime rates to rise as well. This is that whole chain reaction that has already occurred in other countries around the world. These are mistakes that are being relived unnecessarily and is why South Africa must learn from other country’s history. South Africa must look at these horrible situations that have already happened in other places around the world.



The terribly selective killing of a community is against human rights. Besides the fact that the murders are covered up by politics and the media, they are also extremely heinous acts. The way in which these people and animals are murdered and tortured only indicates that it is not a normal murder, but a mass murder. When we talk about attacks that often last from 30 minutes to 9 hours, it is pure unjustified evil. Attacks that many people have only been seen in horror movies are reality for these South Africans. Torturing their victims for extended periods of time, by burning them with blow torches, heated objects to the face and eyes, drilling through body parts with electric drills, multiple stabbings from 4 to 40 times with knives or other sharp objects, amputating arms, legs or even decapitating them with axes, raping women and children in front of their family several times before eventually killing them. There are some who survive these horrible attacks only to wish they had actually died that day. These are not ordinary murders but really cruel premeditated mass murder. This happens statistically more than 600 times a year, that is almost twice every day.

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The only possibility for change is to take immediate action. Only together can we create unity again in South Africa. Changing corruption and crime through the deployment of professional armed security. Being present 24/7 in highly attacked areas for those people and animals who are in danger. Pushing back against the evil and eventually removing it completely will it allow the South Africans to live together again in peace. Bringing in not only national but also international changes so that South Africa becomes an example for other countries and shows them how it should be done. SAFISA saves lives that affect the entire population or even internationally. It is important that the truth is revealed, changes take place, and the recovery period begins. We are SAFISA and we represent the South African people.

Farm Attack South Africa

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Farm Attack Statistic 2011-2020


































These are official statistics, several sources say the real numbers are far higher.

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