Several innocent endangered species are tortured and killed every day for the sale of their body parts on the black market for fashionable, religious or other disrespectful reasons.

The beauty and purity of nature in the world we live in hangs by a thread. It is influenced by our modern lifestyle, which means that many animals can no longer live in peace. Forced out of their natural habitat and hunted by syndicates poachers who earn large sums of money on the black market by trading in those animals and their body parts. We are also guilty of this as we allow this to happen in front of our own eyes. Here in South Africa there are several endangered animal species such as elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, pangolins and antelopes; to name a few that are hunted on a daily for the demand in the illegal market. Statistics show that these animals are being poached on a daily base, some even more than 2 to 3 times a day.

Looking at it and letting it all happen is the biggest mistake we can undergo. Take action to help these animals against inhumane torturing and killings. Stand up for these endangered species that have no power against modern human technology and protect them from extinction. Only in this way can we ensure that we do not regret it if they are only seen in photos and videos.

The Seriousness

The importance of this is of great value, because if this continues, many animals will become extinct in a short period of time due to our own actions. We share this world with them and this must be respected as they respect ours. The human lifestyle has already chased these animals out of their territory and exterminated several species. Several animal species are already in the queue to be next. These creatures cannot stand up for themselves against human modern technology and thus weapons. All living creatures play a huge role in the ecosystems of each environment creating a sustainable world. Without them the world becomes unstable and we decrease our lifespan as well. They also contribute to the well-being of the world’s flora and fauna. By allowing this to happen, we contribute to its destruction. The suffering and extermination of these animals must stop. When it comes to that moment of extinction of certain animal species, it cannot be reversed. Then we can only show these living creatures to our children through photos and videos and they will be just a brief thought as history.

The Cruelty

The fact that this is happening is known worldwide. It is just being looked at and will only be realized for many when it is already too late. The way in which this heinous criminals make money through black market sales, purely for their own income is selfish and disrespectful. Besides this certain traditions and rich eastern cultures have to kill those animals to craft superstitious artifacts, believing they gain the strength of those killed animals, drinking their blood and eat their body parts in front of their people to show wealth and power. It sounds very old thought but this is still happening in many countries over the world. Cause of cultural traditions and not enough protection we are bringing these species on the brink of extinction; which is unacceptable. The way it happens is extremely cold-blooded. Imagine that we catch or injure you or your children with nets or using firearms, then cut and drill out your body parts just to make money. It is just cruelty of the highest level. These species are injured, tortured and left for dead to take scales, hides, tusks, horns and antlers to make fancy products for our modern fashionable lifestyle and for cultural traditional purposes like religious statues. These killings often happen more than twice a day. They are taken apart alive to quickly remove their body parts so that the poachers can flee faster. These animals are found more dead than alive by keepers or anti-poaching units. Sadly, because of their great wounds, they often must be put out of their misery.

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Counter Poaching

SAFISA wants to guarantee progress and care for all the animals in Southern Africa, but especially the endangered species. We are committed to the perseverance and conservation of those poaching affected areas. We want to install active anti-poaching units that work 24/7 for the protection of the animals and their keepers. SAFISA is passionate about the mindset that every animal in the world should be able to live in peace in their natural habitat. Stop the brutally torturing and killing of animals for sale of their body parts on the black market. Arrest those cold-blooded poachers and bring justice to these helpless living creatures. These creatures cannot express themselves and are helpless against the power of man. Change must come now or the future will teach us an irreversible lesson that we should have taken action earlier. Just imagine that. We are SAFISA and we represent the animals of Southern Africa.

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Free Farm Attack Protection & Anti Poaching 

SAFISA – Save Animals & Farmers in South Africa is a NON-PROFIT organization registered in Norway. We work together with professional security operators and private security companies. Our common goal is to protect farmers, livestock and wildlife in South Africa. The money raised by SAFISA will be used to cover our partners costs and expenses, this will provide the extended protection to the farmers and wildlife that is not normally available to them  .

SAFISA’s goal is to gather a large group of ambassadors, volunteers, fundraisers, influencers and organizations.

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