After 4 months and countless hours of working we finally launched SAFISA two weeks ago. We have a burning desire to be the change farmers and inhabitants of South Africa need and deserve. But we must admit, the results and response are not as good as we hoped for.

We believe in full transparency, we think this creates trust, credibility and engages our followers and supporters. All those points are needed to have success, that is why we have written this article.

First of all we would like to thank everyone who liked our FB page, joined our private FB group, invited friends and visited our new webpage. We are happy and grateful that we have over 1100 likes and followers on our FB page, and over 150 in our closed FB group for ambassadors, we hope this number will grow alot the next few days. Sadly likes and shares don’t save the day alone, that is why we hope more people will work with us or join as ambassadors or affiliate partners soon.

We will continue to share our results, success and victories, but also our failures, disappointments and the struggle we have. We know there are many people out there who want to help and work with us towards our common goal. But if they do not know what is holding us back, or the problems we are facing, how can they really help right?

We have had a lot of positive comments but also some negative ones. We have discovered a hidden enemy that will probably be the biggest obstacle for us to succeed with our mission, to give farmers and wildlife protection against the horrific attacks.

There is one thing everyone must understand. SAFISA cannot do this alone or without the support from the South African community. SAFISA needs to unite and work together with the strong and motivated South African inhabitants and the farming community.

When we have enough people from SA working together with SAFISA, we will start the main work outside South Africa, creating awareness, getting sponsors and raise funding’s to cover the cost that comes with the protection of farmers. This process will cost money, marketing is not free, and we need donations and help from the South Africans to get to second base.

Affiliate Program SAFISA
Save Animals & Farmers

Before we continue with our results from the first 14 days, we would like to tell all the readers something.


All the founders of SAFISA could get normal security work and make good money by working for wealthy people who can afford protection. We know many farms in South Africa pay for professional security, but we decided not to focus on those because there are enough companies who can assist them with protection.

We wanted to protect the farms who cannot afford professional protection and security on their farms. Majority of farmers in South Africa cannot afford to pay for protection, but they all play a big part of the community and are part of the backbone in SA. Without them we would soon see food shortage, civil unrest, even higher crime rates, and a higher risk of civil war.

With SAFISA everyone who wants those farms to get protection can chip in with a onetime donation or small donation each month. You should not donate to help SAFISA, you should donate to help the farmers in South Africa. If you would notice a dollar or two per month, we would never ask for your help. But let’s be honest, most of us would never notice if 2 or 5 dollars is missing from the account.

We hope you do not take this in the wrong way, we are happy to finally get to work with this, but we had hoped for a much better response from the inhabitants of South Africa, after all we are doing it to better a hopeless situation for the farmers, those who make sure the country has food to eat, create jobs and keep the economy running.

We know that many of those who read this actually want us to succeed, we are just writing this so everyone can understand what is needed and figure out how they can help. Further down in this article we have given you some different ways to help.

We started SAFISA because we wanted to do more than just protect the rich people. With SAFISA we can change the lives of hundreds, maybe even thousands of farmers and the working enviroment for thos who works on farms, if we succeed. If enough people in South Africa and the rest of the world join us in this mission, support our work and donate, we will succeed.


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Most of mainstream media do not cover the situation in South Africa due to their political perspective and agenda. Follow South Africa News on FB if you want the truth. No political agenda and no censorchip.


Followers & Likes on official FB page+1000
Members in closed FB Group+150
Post Shares: +250
Post Likes: +400
Organic reach: 30 000 people in South Africa
Visitors on webpage: 200 people
Signing up to newsletter: 15
Signing up to Affiliate newsletter: 0
Signing up to Ambassador newsletter: 0
Signing up to affiliate program: 5

Read more about affiliate program, and how you can earn money and help SAFISA


Knowing some of the “Help / Save” farmer groups have north of 100 000 followers, and many with over 2000 members, we must say we were hoping for a better response when we shared our organisation our mission and goal in those groups.

PS! None of the admins in these groups has reached out or shown interest in helping in anyway. We hope this will change at one point, because with their help we could spread the word about SAFISA and create results for the farmers a lot faster.



First 14 days after SAFISA recieved only 1 Dollar in donations, and we ask ourselves why? With 60 million inhabitants in South Africa they can changes the future without help from rest of the world.  Even if only 1 out of 10 donates 2 dollar pr month, it would be enough to protect over 10 000 farms.    

In our strategy to fund our work protecting farmers in South Africa, relying on funds from the South African community has never been a big part of our plan. However, we must admit that only receiving 1 dollar in donations the first 2 weeks is a little hard to swallow and a huge disappointment for all of us. We need the people in South Africa to wake up, join us, support us, and donate whatever they can afford. With the donations we recieve we can grow this organisation, raise awarnes and raise alot more money outside South Africa.

Even though the administration in SAFISA is willing to work for free, we need funding for marketing, we are trying to create awareness, attract sponsors and the support from foundations outside SA. And of course, to cover the cost that comes with extensive security and protection of the farmers. Most of the donations SAFISA receives will cover salary and gear for those working with security on the ground in South Africa.

When we have a big group of supporters, followers and visitors on our webpage, we are suddenly in a position to give value back to potential sponsors. To get the we must have thousands of people in our official FB group and FB page, pluss thousands of subscribers to our newsletter. This you all can do without donating a single dollar if you can not afford to do so, and you will play a huge role in the work we do going forward. Make sense?



Together we can create worldwide awareness about the horrifying situation. Together we can save animals and farmers in South Africa.


You can help us save lives, please donate if you can afford it. Even 1 dollar is better than nothing.

Donate Monthly 

Single Donation

SAFISA can have 200 highly trained security operators ready to start protecting farms in South Africa within 3 months. None of those operators can start working before we recieve donations to cover cost related to this work.

SAFISA is established so everyone can chip in and help cover the cost related to the protection of animals and farmers in South Africa. More donations means more boots on the ground, please help if you believe farmers and animals deserves protection against the horrific attacks carried out by ruthless criminals.

We can not grow this organisation or save lives without donations!

Facebook marketing is expensive and we also need to pay our affiliates for the work they do for the organisation.  We believe celebrities, influencers, bloggers and youtubers can create great results for SAFISA and the South African people, but most of them are not willing to work for free. Part of the donations we receive will cover the marketing cost we have to grow this organisation and get to the next level.

To create optimal results with our marketing we created what probably is one of the best affiliate programs out there. With this program everyone who wants to help spreading awareness, promoting SAFISA, and help us raise funds will be rewarded. You can read more here: www.safisa.no/affiliate-program/

Hidden and maybe the biggest enemy

When we started SAFISA we knew that not everyone would be onboard straight away. But the number of negative comments we receive is a little mind blowing, and it really surprised us. Most of you would probably agree that just complaining about the farm attacks, and share different post about this in social media will not reduce the numbers of attacks, or even save lives. But right now, that is more or less the only thing everyone does, action is needed. To change the outcome of the future the minority in South Africa need to be united and work together. Some of the problems we see straight away are that many are sceptical and sitting on the fence to see how we succeed before they donate or get involved in any way. But we can tell you straight away, that will never create the result we all want. Action comes before results, this is not the time to sit on the fence to see if we succeed befor you all get involved. We realize that there has been, and is many organisations organisations before, and that some of those did not have honest intentions or constructive plans to fix / better the situation. We understand that the majority don’t want to donate to our organisation before we actually have boots on the ground and protect farmers, but how can we get there without any support at this stage?  To get there we need support before the majority wakes up and follows.

Next move

We must ask ourselves, is the South African people willing engage to help us and the farmers?

The next month will give us the answer we need. We can not continue to cover the expences from our own pocket. The founders of SAFISA have allready spent alot of many on the webpage and countless hours on this project. At this point the future of SAFISA is hanging by a thread.

Before we can start contacting influencers, organisations and potential sponsors outside South Africa, we need to be able to show the rest of the world that we harvest great support from the people we are trying to protect and from the South African people. If not, big organisations, potensial sponsors and private donators would really question the real need of help and the seriousness of the situation in SA.

We need to boost the numbers of followers and group members, and we hope you will take part of this work.

This is an all hands-on deck situation.

Those who do nothing at this point is a part of the problem in South Africa. We know some cannot donate, but everybody can do something to help us to help and protect the farmers in South Africa.

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something”. 


Do you want to help SAFISA and the FARMERS in SA?

This is how you can be part of the change:

1) Visit our webpage: www.safisa.no – donate if you can afford it.

2) Sign up to our newsletter on our webpage

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Free Farm Attack Protection & Anti Poaching 

SAFISA – Save Animals & Farmers in South Africa is a NON-PROFIT organization registered in Norway. We work together with professional security operators and private security companies. Our common goal is to protect farmers, livestock and wildlife in South Africa. The money raised by SAFISA will be used to cover our partners costs and expenses, this will provide the extended protection to the farmers and wildlife that is not normally available to them  .

SAFISA’s goal is to gather a large group of ambassadors, volunteers, fundraisers, influencers and organizations.

Please visit SAFISA.no if you want to help or support our effort to protect farmers and the wildlife in Sout Africa


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