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After a 4 month work process, SAFISA was founded 15.11.2020. SAFISA was approved as a NON-PROFIT organisation in Norway 30.12.2020. Organization (VAT) number: 926312529

Our Story

SAFISA was founded by a group of people from all over the world, with various cultures and backgrounds. From the trading market to private security and defence industry. The one thing we all have in common is a love for South Africa, its beautiful landscapes, amazing animals and its fantastic inhabitants. We were amazed by the stories and experiences of people we met and talked to. For some unknown reason, the world media continually fails to report on the situation and what is going on in South Africa. We were disgusted to find out there are daily farm attacks, murders, rapes and tortures, all this as well as the devastating poaching industry. One day we realized Enough is Enough! We must do something!

After many hours of research, brainstorming, talks and meetings, the idea for SAFISA was born. Now we can proudly share this organization with the world. Broadcast these stories and events globally and work towards a better future! What we are telling you is that we are ready to make a change together with all of you.

After a 4 month work prosess, SAFISA was founded 15.11.2020. SAFISA was approved as a NON-PROFIT organisation in Norway 30.12.2020. Organization (VAT) number: 926312529

What We Do

Raise money

SAFISA is registered as a NON-PROFIT fundraising organisation in Norway. We raise money to protect farmers, livestock and wildlife against criminal actions in South Africa. To succeed in our mission, we work closely with professional contractors and security companies.

protect Farmers & Wildlife in South Africa

We want to create stability and safety for the farmers and wildlife by using a preventative approach. Together with our security partners we provide the best solution possible, depending on the many different variables and environments. The ultimate goal being to save life and make South Africa a humane and prosperous country again.

With Your Help, We Can Make South Africa a Safer and Better Place

Our vision is to bring together a large group of ambassadors, fundraisers, influencers and sponsors. Together we can create a movement that grow worldwide awareness, helps solve an ever-growing problem and to create measures to prevent it happening again. Ultimately creating a safe and secure way of life for the entire South African population, hoping everybody can live in peace and harmony together.

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“We may be strong individuals but imagine our strength in unity.”

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Use of the money we raise


Security and protection for farmers against attacks that often result in murder, rape and torture.


Self-defence and tactical training for farmers and families to help prepare themselves better in case of a possible attack.


The Protection of the farms against destruction, arson and livestock being brutally slaughtered or burned alive.


Protect the wildlife in South Africa against the horrific poaching industry.

Our First Goals

We need everyone’s help and support to succeed. Together we can make bigger waves.

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