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Earning Money While Helping

Become an affiliate and use your spare time to raise money and recruit other affiliates. We believe your efforts, no matter how big or small should be rewarded and is exactly why we set up the affiliate program. This allows our affiliates to make make money whilst helping to market SAFISA.
As an Affiliate partner, you get a personal url address to access various marketing materials you can share on social media, your blog and your website. Every time someone donates money via your link, you will receive a Tier 1 Bonus. Should someone create an affiliate account via your link, they will become a part of your network. This means that you will also get a Tier 2 Bonus every time affiliate partners in your network raise money too.

How Affiliates Earn Money

Social Media

Share the personal url address you receive from SAFISA’s on your social media. We would appreciate it if you could share as much content as possible from the SAFISA page via your social media network such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube.


Write blog articles about the situation in South Africa, farm murders, the poaching industry that kills endangered animals or about SAFISA. Share your personal url link from SAFISA and earn Tier 1 Bonus if someone donates money via your link. You can also share banners that works as a link.

Vlog / Youtube

If you create video content about South Africa, our work or about Anti-Poaching, you can, for example, share your personal link in the video description on YouTube. Encourage your viewers to donate via the link directly.

Your own WebPage

Do you have your own website with many visitors? If so, it could be profitable to make room for ads and links from SAFISA. This way you will receive a Tier 1  Bonus if someone from your site visits safisa and donates money.

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Bonus Program

We will reward anyone that helps us generate traffic, raise money or recruit more affiliate partners for SAFISA.no

Clicks / Traffic – $ 0,01

Helping us generate traffic on our webpage will be rewarded. Every time a new person clicks on your personal link and visits SAFISA’s webpage, you will be rewarded with 0,01$. (Unique users only) Click Bonus will be encreased to $0,05 when an affiliate raised over 25$ with a conversion rate over 15%. 

TIER 1 BONUS – 15%

Every time SAFISA receives a donation via your personal link, you will receive 15% of the amount donated. What’s more, safisa’s affiliate program “remembers“ who referred the donator to safisa’s page for the very first time. Should they then return at a later date via another link, it’s still you who receives Tier 1 bonus.

Tier 2 bonus – 5%

Should someone become an affiliate partner after clicking on your personal link; this new affiliate partner will become part of “your Tier 2 network”. This means that you earn 5% every time someone from your tier 2 network raise money. If they raise $ 1,000, you will receive 5% of the $1,000.

Tier 3 bonus – 3%

Should any affiliate partners from your network (Tier 2 network) recruit new affiliate partners, these will end up in your tier 3 network. If they help raise money, you will receive a 3% bonus of funds raised from everyone in your tier 3 network as well.

Do You Want To Join Our Affiliate Program? 

Together We Can Use the Power of the Internet & Social Media to Create A Better Future for South Africa

We decided when creating SAFISA that rather than spending good money on expensive online marketing, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn we preferred to give back to our affiliate partners around the world, for all the effort and work they put in.

One of the most important tasks of SAFISA is to spread information that will lead to a better understanding and knowledge of our work, from attacks on farms and farmers, to the cruel poaching industry in South Africa.

By being an influencer, ambassador, or affiliate partner for SAFISA, you greatly contribute to the success of our work.

Our main goal is to protect farmers in South Africa from the regular attacks taking place. We also work to save both farm and domestic animals from the same brutal attacks. Safisa is also actively working to stop the poaching industry in South Africa, so that endangered animals can live a safe and harmonious life, sheltered from criminal poachers who kill in the most brutal ways; only for financial gain.

Live your life knowing that your support and work for SAFISA contributes to a better and safer way of life for both farmers and animals in South Africa.

With Your Help, We Can Make South Africa A Better Place

Without your support, we do not stand a chance. It is only if we all come together and contribute in one form or another, we can succeed in our mission. More supporters simply means that SAFISA can protect and save more farmers, livestock, farm pets and wildlife in SOUTH AFRICA

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