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A few tips and tricks on how you can make money as an affiliate

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How You Can generate income and Help SAFISA

Social Media

The easiest way to generate results once you sign up as an affiliate is to Share your affiliate links on your social media. It does not matter if you only have a few followers, good results can be achieved even if only one person registers. You get rewarded when someone donates money or even just by clicking your link. those who then go on to register and become an affiliate end up in your network.

Marketing Affiliate Program

By sharing your personal link that promotes our affiliate program on your social media channels, the chances become much higher to add new affiliate partners to your network. (Tier 2 & Tier 3)
You receive a bonus every time someone in your network raises money through our affiliate program. You also get rewarded for generating click to SAFISA.no

Ads on your webpage

By sharing the ads we have created in our affiliate program it is possible to generate traffic, raise money and build a network with multiple affiliate partners, all of which can generate good results. We have created ads with different topics and sizes so that you will always find something that fits your website. The ads capture the attention of visitors and should create good results for you as an affiliate partner without too much effort on your part .


Do you have a blog or maybe you want to start one? You can make money with our program in several ways. You can share the link or ads we have created for you on your blog. Using ads will work whatever content you create, but the best results will be if the links are in the right context. In other words, it will pay to write about the problems in South Africa related to poaching or farm attacks rather than something unrelated. You can also write about our organization and the work we do.

Marketing SAFISA blogs

We have created links to some of our blogs and news articles in our affiliate program. This is because we want our affiliate partners to help us create awareness around globe via your social media about the terrible things that are happening in South Africa. As these are affiliate links you will be rewarded for generating clicks as well as if someone donates money to support our work. Should anyone sign up as affiliate partners, these will end up in your network


Whether you are an established youtuber with many followers or a budding YouTuber, by creating content related to the farm attacks and poaching industry, you are guaranteed to create interest and view time. Many of your viewers will also share your content. By including our organization and work in your content it will create curiosity about SAFISA, here it will pay to put your affiliate link in the video description and encourage your viewers to visit our site and support our work.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

We need all the possible support. From promoting our website and social media pages with followers, readers and viewers to attracting donors, subscribers and sponsors.

All this will help the wellbeing of the inhabitants and animals of South Africa.

Our Mission & Approach

Where are many ways you can become a successful affiliate; one such way is to use social media.

Sharing SAFISA’s post on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit) accounts is an option. The networking will start from here These are quick and practical ways to expand your network. you do not need to be an established blogger or influencer with a lot of followers to achieve great success with our affiliate program. It is possible with only a small network of friends and family to achieve good results for yourself and our organisation.

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