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Being a good ambassador is largely about following SAFISA on social media, inviting your friends and helping us share the content we publish on our news sites, blogs and social media. This way, you contribute to SAFISA becoming a brand people know and the situation in South Africa becomes known around the world.

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Facebook Group & Page

Joining our Facebook page and inviting your friends is a start to becoming a good ambassador.


Singing up for our ambassadors newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest information.

Affiliate Program

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Youtube Channel

Follow our YouTube channel and share our content with your network on social media.


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By sharing us on LinkedIn, you open the door to potential sponsors.

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Help us raise money so we can save and protect more animals and more farmers in South Africa. Sign up to our affiliate program and get rewarded every time someone donate money by using your personal URL-link. 



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Our Mission & Approach

We believe that spreading knowledge about Safisa, our work and the situation in South Africa is absolutely essential in order to create change.

Without massive social media attention, it will be difficult for SAFISA to raise enough money to protect as many farmers and animals as we want too.

By creating worldwide awareness about the situation in South Africa and about our work, there is a high probability that the mainstream media and politicians will wake up and do their job. As the situation is now, farmers are being terrorized throughout South Africa, unfortunately up until now everyone is putting a lid on the situation.

With thousands of SAFISA supporters, ambassadors and affiliate partners, it is also more likely that companies and other organizations will come on board and support our work.

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