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A large group doing small things together, will make the greatest improvements

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SAFISA Ambassador

SAFISA Ambassadors

SAFISA’s future is to gather as many ambassadors as possible, the more ambassadors we have worldwide, the more the SAFISA name is spread, the larger we grow and more the people take notice. This will make it easier to raise money, attract new sponsors and create the awareness and protection the south African population deserve.

We ask our ambassadors to follow us on our social media pages, invite your friends and followers, like and share our posts. If possible, we also hope you want to raise money and recruit other affiliates, remembering you will get a return for your hard work through our affiliate program. These are all examples of how you as an ambassador can help us.

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The success of SAFISA can only become a reality with the help and support of our ambassadors. We ask you to follow us and introduce us to your network. Share articles from our newsroom, blog and video content on YouTube on your social media. Help spread the SAFISA name.

get people involved

Let’s get people interested in SAFISA and let’s tell them what we do. We are sure by spreading the word many people will be willing to participate in our program. Every new person that becomes an ambassador, joins our affiliate program or donates money helps to expand SAFISA’s network.

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