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SAFISA Protect the wildlife in South Africa against poachers, and animals confiscated by the goverment.

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Protecting the wildlife and helping animals to recover 

The work of protecting endangered animals in South Africa from poachers is both dangerous and difficult. The people behind it are often large criminal organizations that sell horns, skins, tusks and more on the black market. These criminal organizations have one goal, TO MAKE MONEY, and all too often they resort to violence and murder to succeed. the fact that many species are now endangered has been caused solely by the poaching industry. The methods they use also causes many animals to be injured and suffer lasting effects.

SAFISA not only works to protect animals from poachers, but we also work to take care of injured animals that are confiscated by the state. The goal is to take care of the animals until they have recovered, and then release them into the wild in a safe and protected habitat.

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15  lions slaughtered

Poachers slaughter 16 lions and hack off faces and claws for medicine. Just one lion cub survived the mass slaughter in South Africa. Source: Metro.co.uk 


Key To Success

Firstly, three problems must be solved. The first problem is where to look for the poachers. Sending in operators or game rangers to figure this out is a waste of time unless they have been trained in investigation. The communities must also want to assist, this assistance is key to determining where to look for the poachers.

The second problem is how to find the poachers once their movements and area of operations has been discovered. This requires both good surveillance and excellent tracking.

The third problem is how to arrest them. It is both hard and dangerous for the trackers it is always the follower who is at a disadvantage. To apprehend the poachers requires a different set of skills, the rapid response teams are called They have more tactical and special weapons skills. Getting into a position to apprehend the poachers can mean on foot, driving, helicoptering, boating or even parachuting in.

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Sadly SAFISA can not provide a anti poaching team to everyone who want it. Who and how many we can help all depends on how much we’re able to raise, the location and available resources. Do not hesitate to contact us, we try to help as many as possible.

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