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SAFISA arranges extended self-defenCe courses for farmers in South Africa

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Extended Self Defence Course

That moment when situation arises and action must be taken, every second counts, this is what we want to prepare you for.

We offer you, your family or community a high-level self-defence course. We discuss many different techniques for either individuals or groups. From hand-to-hand combat, weapon safety and handling and the proper use. These skills will give you the confidence and training so that when the time comes, you, your family and community is better prepared.

What Do You Learn

Hand to Hand Combat

Practice basic unarmed self-defence techniques that will build your skills and confidence.

Weapon Safety

Learn how to carry out NSP’s (normal safety procedures) and how to safely handle a firearm.

Weapon Handeling

You will be taught the marksmanship principles, trigger discipline and the different types of reloads.

Weapon Self-defence

You will learn when and when NOT to use a firearm in a self-defence situation using different scenarios


Being able to communicate effectively with people around you in high stress situations.


Being able to safely and effectively extract to a safe location, should the situation escalate.

First Aid

Being able to treat yourself and others in case of any injuries.

Team work & Leadership

Learn how to effectively work with others and be able to take charge should the need arise.

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The first 5 to 10 minutes is crucial

Knowing some form of self-defence is fundamental in life-threatening situations. It is about your life and the life of your loved ones. You must realize that, in a developing situation, you and your loved ones could be on your own. You must ensure that the situation does not escalate further.

We try to help as many people as possible, unfortunately, we cannot help everyone at the same time, given the size of this situation. Training residents at risk is a temporary solution but a good step in the right direction. Therefore, we recommend you contact us so we can help you in the right direction.

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