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protecting both farmers, farms and live stock.

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Farm Protection

South African Farmers are under attack, the government stands by and does nothing. It FAILS to protect these people, THEIR OWN people, they even deny farm attacks are a thing, although the statistics tell a different story. Nothing is done to stop the hateful speeches from political groups and their leaders. Apparently singing “Kill the Boer” (Farmers) and motivating their followers to kill farmers is considered acceptebal behaviour.

All farmers appear to have targets on their backs as many are falling victim to these brutal attacks, it is now four times more dangerous to be a farmer in SA than a police officer. Men, woman and children are tortured, raped and kill at a rate that could only be compared to mass murder.

How We Protect

Armed Proffesional QRF SECURITY Teams

Quick reaction teams that are on stand-by and can react at a moments notice.

Advanced Technolegy

We could tell you about all the gadgets and gizmos radar etc, but we like to have the edge over our opposition.

Giving farmers relevant self defence training

Hopefully you will never need it, but if you do, you will be prepared.


Our security volunteers make a huge difference supporting our teams.

Your Donation Matters! 

Learn To Defend & Protect Yourself And Your Family

Free Extended Selfe Defence Cours

Our Approach

Our priorities when it comes to protecting farmers:

– Protect farm owners and their families.
– Protect those who live and work on the farm.
– Protect pets and wildstock.

Of course, we can not describe in detail how we work. Unfortunately it is not only those we help that will read this information, but also the criminals who are behind farm attacks in South Africa.

We can know three things:
– The criminals are out there, and the attacks are happening.
– The more support and donations SAFISA receive, the more farms can be protected. 
– The people being killed feed your nation.

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Sadly SAFISA can not provide free protection to all farmers in South Africa. Who and how many we can help all depends on how much we are able to raise, the location of the farm and available resources. Do not hesitate to contact us, we try to help as many as possible. 

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