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Influencers have GREAT power, will you use yours to HELP US PROTECT FARMERS & Wildlife IN south africa? 

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Are you an aspiring influencer, an established influencer with a large fanbase or a streamer that is active on different platforms or channels? Are you willing to help us by creating content and sharing information about the purpose of our charity, involve your followers and make this project as successful as possible?


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Share what SAFISA is doing and what our purpose is. Create situational awareness about the horrific events in South Africa.

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Engage followers, donors, subrscribers and co-workers that are willing to bring SAFISA to the next level.

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Can you make content for our page? SAFISA is always grateful for any videos blogs or articles you can provide.

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If you are an Influencer, just sharing our page or different content will be helpful and is much appreciated. We hope our Influencers will understand the importance of their work and want to be a part of the change we are trying to make. Help their followers understand what is going on in South Africa in a clear way. Unfortunately, there is a lot of censorship and the people need help, no one should have to live in fear of these brutal crimes every day.

By sharing the whole truth without censorship, we are convinced that you could help us a lot, help the world realize that a massive change is needed.

For this reason, we encourage promoters through our affiliate program. With your unique link we can make sure that you get compensation to match your effort.

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