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Inform The Outside World About The Atrocities in South Africa

Are you an experienced journalist living in South Africa? Do you want to be a part of the change so desperately needed in South Africa? Help us change the situation and the future.

SAFISA is searching for a journalist with first-hand knowledge about farm attacks, poaching industry, politics and corruption amongst the leaders in South Africa. Do you have the flair and knowledge to write news articles and blogs about the current activities?

Your articles need to express the truth as accurately as possible on our SAFISA newsroom page, our blog and our online newspaper; South Africa News. Become part of our team and help us create worldwide awareness.

Journalists Can Help

Transparant content

The content of our articles and videos must be uncensored. We want the truth to come out. A difficult task we know as articles will certainly be removed and censored on some platforms. SAFISA needs a passionate and driven journalist who will not be stopped by these setbacks.

situational awareness

By reporting only true content, we want to describe the reality of the situation to the entire world. At the moment truly little or nothing is reported about what is going on in South Africa.
Working together with SAFISA’s social media team is fundamental, so that each platform has the same content and posts.

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