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Protection of Live Stock & House Pets in South Africa

Protecting livestock and house pets is part of SAFISA’s work when it comes to protecting farms in South Africa. Criminals torture and kill both livestock and pets when they attack the farms. Many times the attacks are based on racial hatred and religion; the animals are completely innocent victims when farms are burned or attacked.

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Animals Matters

In the pictures we see several dogs that have been poisoned by attackers. Often dogs are poisoned days before they attack farms as farmers often have dogs for protection.

SAFISA is all about saving and protecting lives, no matter if we are talking about household pets, livestock, wildlife or farmers. These living beings are being tortured and killed due to racism, religion or normal criminal acts. In South Africa these attacks and poaching activities are happening on a daily basis. 

We need your help so we can make this stop!

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Having well trained professional security operators protecting farms will keep families, pets, and livestock safer from attacks. The chance of being a part of the sad statistic will drastically decrease.

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Sadly SAFISA can not provide free protection to all farmers in South Africa. Who and how many we can help all depends on how much we’re able to raise, the location of the farm and available resources. Do not hesitate to contact us, we try to help as many as possible. 

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