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We really appreciate any company wishing to sponsor SAFISA and support our work. Therefore, we try our best to create a win-win situation. No matter how large or small the help provided by the Sponsor is, we still do what we can to give something back. Support from companies both in South Africa and the rest of the world is an important factor in the success of our work, for this reason our Sponsor Manager works hard to find solutions that will be of value to our sponsors.

Get in touch if you want your company to help protect farmers and wildlife in South Africa.

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We will advertise your business towards thousands of potential customers and companies with a direct link to your webpage on SAFISA.no

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As a Regular Sponsors we will promote your business on our webpage with a logo and a link. We will also share any links to your social media channels if you wish so.

$500 monthly donation (REGULAR)

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In addition to our Regular sponsor program, VIP Sponsors will also be promoted in all our Social Media channels and in all SAFISA’s newsletters.

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Monthly donations program has a minimum of 3 month commitment period, Automatic monthly renewal thereafter until terminated.

With your sponsorship high-tech security equipment can become a reality

With the support of our sponsors, we can obtain equipment that would not normally be possible for SAFISA, everything from radars that detect humans to vehicles allowing us to patrol further. One day it could even be possible to raise enough for a helicopter, this would allow us to cover many more farms, also cutting the response time for the security teams, possibly meaning the difference between life and death.

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The situation in South Africa is critical! If the attacks on farms do not STOP soon, the situation is going to progress from terrible to catastrophic. It will start with food shortages and could easily end up in a civil war. It is certainly not an unthinkable possibility. We can see how the situation has unfolded in other areas in Africa, and it does not take much to imagine how the future of South Africa could be, if the farmers continue to be tortured, hunted and killed.

This will not only have a negative impact on local businesses in South Africa, but will also have a massive negative affect for any international companies that are looking to invest, or already have customers and business in South Africa. The enormous potential South Africa has will be lost, not to mention many, many more lives!

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