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SAFISA is looking for individuals who are willing to grow this project on a large scale. Working together with a common goal in mind, we need people that work well as individuals, but also has no problem forming part of a team. This will allow us to achieve incredible results and a lot of progress.

We understand your time is precious, think how you would feel by volunteering some of your time to save lives, the lives of farmers and animals in desperate need. We are here for one goal, to make South Africa a safer place for its farmers and animals.

If you feel you could make a difference, check out our specific positions within SAFISA or join SAFISA’s Affiliate Program.



A volunteer who follows us on social media, invites people, views content and shares our posts. Ambassadors can also raises funds and earn money with our affiliate program.


As an influencer on social media you are willing to create content that will be helpful to SAFISA, promote our cause and share it with your followers.

Security & Protection

Do you have knowledge and experience in this field, we are always more than happy to pass on your information to our partners.

Affiliate MAnager

As our affiliate manager you will be the link between SAFISA and our affiliate partners, ambassadors and influencers. Communicate, help and motivate through our newsletters and directly through our social media accounts.

Social Media Manager

Manage our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and in addition have creative ideas for achieving success.

content manager

Creating content, photos and videos for our social media platforms that creates interest and motivation to support, follow and share SAFISA’s goal.


Write articles about the situation in South Africa, cover news relevant to our project and our followers. Content will be published on our South Africa News page, our blog and our social media channels.

SPonsor Manager

Find suitable large sponsors for SAFISA’s project and sign sponsorship deals. Companies and organizations that want to help us with donations, products, objects and services.


This position in SAFISA is for an individual that has experience in an overall managerial role and which can ensure a good structure and cooperation within SAFISA. We are looking for a leader with innovative ideas that will make SAFISA stand out.

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